Month: March 2017

How to Be Useful in Society

In today’s time, being bored and useless is something that many felt considering that some modern innovations have made us that way. This ugly truth may seem depressing for some which are why they want to wake up from it and become active in society once again. If you also feel the same way, then it’s time for you to act it up with the help of this advice we have for you.

Deep psychological mechanisms may be the reason why you’re feeling useless – Just by being useful at something doesn’t rid you of the feeling of being useless. In relation to this, by contributing something to society may even amplify a lot of negative feelings.

Human productivity will take one kind of good and turn it into another kind – For you to see some results, you need to perform some inputs first. Take something then combine it with anything you like until you come up with something new. Not all of us have access to some of the best inputs so you make use of what you have and craft something that might be useful. Whatever the case, always strive to make the best results.

Consider the effects of your actions on other people – There are some actions you make that are good for everyone while there are also those who don’t take it lightly. Before you start doing something you’re not used to, make sure that you think twice about it. The actions you made may be good for you and a few chosen people, but there are still those who wouldn’t react the same way. Just be careful of everything that you do and avoid pestering others with your work.

Feelings can be infectious – Whenever you come across someone new, make sure always to smile and be polite with your introduction. If you’ve been suppressing your negative emotions for quite some time now, there’s a possibility that others will sense it out of you and may get a bad vibe from it. So make sure to find ways on how to get rid of the negativities within you before you introduce yourself to new people.

Give more than you take – This principle is like karma wherein if you inflict something bad on others, it will get back at you sooner or later. With this concept, it’s always a great idea to give something good for society, and in return, it will give you back with something that’s good as well. However, if you do something, then you know what’s coming next.

Sharing and listening feelings is mutual – Whenever you feel like talking to someone about your negative feelings, make sure that you also lend them your ears to listen to their stories as well. But apart from the negativities, you should also share something positive as well to get rid of the bad vibe. Also, when you become a good sharer and listener to someone, you will start to develop a dependable character within you in the process.